June 17, 2022

The truth about breaking in safety shoes and work boots

In the past, workers wearing safety footwear would complain about pinched toes and the heaviness of the safety shoes or work boots they would have to wear for work. But times have changed. The range of safety footwear, and the lightweight materials and design features being used, means there is really no reason for a worker’s feet to hurt wearing their new safety footwear. 

It starts with the fit!

At Mister Safety Shoes we know fit and comfort are the most important factors when making a good safety footwear decision. A worker has to wear their safety shoes or work boots all day, every day. So if their feet are not comfortable or supported then the impact will be felt not only their feet, but their legs and back too. That’s what it’s important to make sure you: (1) Have space in the toe are - you should be able wiggle your toes; and (2) Try on several different brands and styles so you find the right weight and foot support specifically for you - this will translate into comfort. 

In general, if your safety shoes or work boots are comfortable in the store, they will be comfortable on the job as well.

Tip: A little homework might help.

There are many tips for “breaking in” safety footwear. Most of them don't apply anymore. However there is one tip that can help: Try wearing your new safety shoes around your house for a short period of time first. Just like with a new pair of running shoes, if you wear them for the first time and go for an all-day hike, your feet may hurt. So by giving your feet, and the CSA shoes or work boots, a brief workout ahead of time at home, you wil be better prepared  for a full day of work.