June 06, 2024

Effective Health & Safety Communication for New Canadian Workers

The question employers and health and safety professionals need to ask is a simple one -  "are you communicating in a way that ensures new hires comprehend the material?” says Carl Bonello, a Health & Safety Consultant with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS).

"Put yourself in newcomers’ shoes. If English is not your first language, would that safety talk be understood? If not, maybe you should revisit how you communicate with new Canadians," says Bonello.

The benefits of speaking their language.

Let’s not forget the impact of effective communication on fostering inclusivity and trust between employees and management. This includes health and safety manuals. “Those documents are the best way to ensure new hires (and fellow employees) are safe that they fully understand the job and what’s expected of them,” says Kim Jacob, President & Founder of Arvorei Communications Group.

A new employee from a foreign country will seldom understand a complex safety manual. But they may not feel they can ask questions for clarification unless an effort has been made to acknowledge their needs. When messaging is translated into their native language, they not only feel like they belong, but they also have newfound confidence to ask more questions. Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) even offers some safety-related materials in 6 different languages for those working in manufacturing for free right on their web site here

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