March 03, 2018

Safety Shoes That Work With Office Attire

Going from an office setting to an industrial site or warehouse is the norm for many people. You dress for your office in clean, crisp business wear but what do you do when you make an in-person visit to sites that may feature workplace hazards like forklifts, uneven terrain and heavy machinery? The answer is safety footwear that works with office attire. Below you’ll find different styles for men and women that will take you from your desk to the warehouse without losing a step.

For Men

  1. Athletic:
    Safety shoes designed to look similar to athletic sneakers are the perfect solution for both the office and work site. Additionally, if you’ll be walking long distances, this work boot style will do the trick. Opt for a black shoe with a composite plate, aluminum toe and shock resistant technology. A shoe with a rubber heel and forefoot pads will allow you to achieve maximum comfort – and keep you steady when you’re on uneven ground. If you want to keep sweat away, choose a shoe with moisture wicking technology, breathable microfiber and micro-mesh construction.
  2. Dress shoe:
    If you prefer oxfords to athletics, a safety boot designed like a dress shoe will be right up your alley. They may look casual, but in fact these safety shoes are often complete with anti-slip technology, steel toe reinforcement and static dissipation. Wear these with a suit and no one will know that they’re more than just a fancy shoe.
  3. Slip-on:
    Slip-ons may prove to be exactly what you need when going from the office to the warehouse. With this work boot style, you’re getting a comfort and style. Opt for a safety shoe with a gel footbed and heel pad, shock absorbing core and anti-microbial technology designed to fight odours and fungus. Perfect for casual Fridays and those days when you have to go from your desk to shipping and receiving – you’ll get compliments on your shoes for sure.

For Women

  1. Ankle Boot:
    This work boot style will take you from the office to the warehouse. Choose a boot that’s equipped with a steel toe and composite plate for both protection and style.
  2. Dress shoe:
    Slip out of your office shoes and into a pair of (safety) dress shoes. This style will pair well with office wear. If you work in a high-static environment, opt for a pair that are anti-static and feature a lightweight dual-density polyurethane sole to maximize comfort.
  3. Sport-casual:
    These safety shoes look casual – but they’re equipped with steel toes and static dissipative. Furthermore, these shoes typically feature anti-slip technology, which is perfect for worksites with slick floors. Slip into a pair and make the transition from office to warehouse without any of your coworkers knowing the difference. For casual comfort that can be dressed up or down depending on what your business look is that day, sport-casual safety wear is the best choice.
  4. Athletic:
    Lightweight and flexible, athletic-style work boots often contain a composite toe and composite plate. Additionally, you get the benefits of electric shock resistance and moisture wicking nylon mesh. This pair of safety shoes will take you from your desk to the warehouse floor with athletic ease.
  5. Tall boots:
    Safety shoes can also come in the form of tall boots. These stylish boots can come equipped with breathable lining and moisture wicking technology to eliminate sweat. If your work takes you from the office to the refinery, opt for boots that are slip and oil resistant.

Please visit a Mister Safety Shoes location to try on the safety shoes mentioned above. If those aren’t to your taste we carry numerous styles that will be.