May 29, 2023

Standing or Walking - which causes more strain?

Between standing and walking the fact is that walking shifts weight back and forth while standing doesn't, so the full impact of your body weight is absorbed. So the answer is standing. Either way, the impact of working on your feet is equivalent to two or three times your weight. Over the course of a work day, that's equivalent  to the weight of cement truck!

While foot aches and pains are among the most common complaints, in a work environment where walking and standing on hard surfaces is common, the issue can become much larger and potentially lead to health and safety issues. Foot fatigue and stress  can lead to distracted working and contribute to safety issues like slips, trips and falls. Not to mention the leg and back strain that is directly linked to our feet. Any number of injuries can happen as a result of distracted working due to foot fatigue. Foot injuries accounts for 10% of all workplace injuries but also contribute to MSD (Muskuloskeletal Disordersl) which accounts for surprising 67% of all WSIB claims.

So how do you help reduce foot strain and fatigue on the job? There are two main methods: (1) footwear with good quality support; and (2) insoles.

Footwear that is best suited for the work surfaces that employees stand and walk on is important. And that doesn't just mean cushioning. For example, for someone who moves all day in a warehouse, a lot of cushioning can be the equivalent of walking on wet sand - requiring more energy from legs and feet to move. On the other hand, a light safety shoe designed with a supportive midsole will help provide stability and comfort to the entire foot.

Insoles are one of the most underrated methods to help workers reduce foot, leg and back strain and can become an important part of employee health & safety on the job. Insoles provide an additional layer of comfort, shock absorption and support, specifically for the arch of the foot. Because feet are the foundation of the body, wearing insoles can help relieve foot, leg and back strain and help contribute to reducing MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).

At Mister Safety Shoes, we are committed to providing the best safety footwear for each worker so they are safer, more comfortable and confident on the job. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or contact our business solutions team if you’re looking for a safety footwear program for your company.