August 14, 2019

What is Energy Return and Why Does it Matter?

Energy return technology has eluded shoemakers for years. While many have claimed to have harnessed the highest amount of energy exerted by runners and sports enthusiasts, they later realized that they have fallen short. Now, energy return is a common phrase amongst athletic shoe designers and manufacturers, but why does it matter and should it be something you look for in a safety shoe?

Energy return lies in the design of the shoe. As someone exerts energy, most of that energy is transferred through the shoe and into the ground, and can no longer be harnessed. Energy return technology, primarily found in the foam used to create the midsole of the shoe, allows for energy to be absorbed and then transferred back to the person as they lift their shoe, allowing them to propel forward. While perfect for athletes and runners, energy return shoes are making an appearance in the workplace as well.

Health Benefits

Energy return shoes also provide ample health benefits due to their overall construction. Due to additional support in the midsole and less exertion required by the wearer, people experience less strain on their knees, hips and backs. As an individual’s feet can remain comfortable for more extended periods, foot pain and fatigue are also reduced.

Business owners are increasingly becoming more aware of the effects that workplace footwear has on employees and their overall health, causing brands who utilize energy return technology to become a first-choice for employers.

Energy Return Brands!

While many shoe manufacturers have yet to implement this technology into their design, Vismo, Bogs, and Reebok Work offer styles that are perfect for long days on the job site.

From workman boots to cross-trainers to work boots, energy return brands are influencing the workplace. They are not only providing additional comfort but are offering an extra transfer of energy back to the wearer.

Vismo is one such brand that uses this technology in all of their shoes, making them perfect for long days on the job site. One of their shoes, the NRG55 – W12, features oil & slip-resistant rubber, mesh lining, and is waterproof. It is also highly comfortable and lightweight!

Reebok Work’s Guide Work shoe is the perfect blend of an athletic shoe that is also made to take on an industrial job site. Rebounding foam located in the midsole cushions the foot and provides a boost of energy with every step. The steel-toed Guide Work features memory foam within the footbed, moisture-wicking nylon mesh, and is slip-resistant!

Bogs Workman boots are designed to last as long as you do on the job! Designed to withstand cold conditions, it also features a slip-resistant outsole to provide stability on even the toughest job sites. Their Rebound technology cushions with every step, but also returns energy to allow for extra power throughout the day.

Add Energy Return to Your Wishlist!

Depending on the environment you are working within, this technology and the added support that it brings could help improve your performance while allowing your feet to remain perfectly balanced and comfortable all day long. While this technology may still yet be enhanced as more and more manufacturers work with chemical engineers to refine it, current brands who offer energy return are doing so effectively!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of energy return technology or would like to see how various brands are utilizing it in their designs, come by one of our many locations or give us a call!