January 17, 2023

Tips for Effectively Communicating Workplace Safety

Effective communication of workplace safety topics and policies to your employees not only enhances workplace safety but keeps them top of mind. HOW you do it, HOW often you do it and WHAT you cover is key to your success.

Word choice matters!

According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), plain language is clear language.

Using plain language will help you communicate your procedures, policies and priorities more effectively. It can also help make sure that directions are followed by providing information in a manner that is easily understood and makes sense to your workers.

Some key tips:

  • Use short, familiar words
  • Personalize the message by using “I, We, and You” statements
  • Present the most important information first
  • Be concise
  • Describe one item or concept at a time
  • Present the information logically (e.g. list the steps or actions that must be taken in the correct order)

Read the complete list of plain and clear language recommendations from the CCOHS here

How often should you communicate?

Having regular, even daily, meetings on key topics can be instrumental to keeping safety top of mind.

“Six times, 6 ways is our philosophy for communicating change and organization initiatives” says one Mister Safety Shoes customer, Mark Malayko  CRSP Lead at Safety North West Redwater Partnership.

What should you cover?

Canadian Occupational Safety magazine identifies 13 topics you should consider covering, including: building security, personal protective equipment (PPE), slips, trips and falls protection, safety training, mental health, first aid, fire safety, heat exhaustion, stacking and workplace ergonomics. Find out more about these topics here.

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