March 12, 2018

The Advantages And Comfort Of Athletic Safety Shoes

Not every job requires work boots. Some work environments encourage athletic safety shoes as protective footwear.

What are athletic safety shoes?

Athletic safety shoes are designed in the same vein as work boots except they are meant for active people. For example, if you are planning on hiking a mountainous terrain that features uneven ground, streams and unmanned pathways, you can benefit from athletic safety shoes because they will ensure your feet are protected. Athletic safety shoes are created with an athlete’s performance in mind, whether you are working a job that requires you to wear safety footwear or if you are travelling long distances on foot through unbalanced territory. These type of shoes are less bulky or clunky than hiking boots, although you can wear them for hiking depending on their height.

What to look for when buying athletic safety shoes

When buying athletic safety shoes, look for a shoe that firmly grips the heel and that the inner side of the shoe needs to run straight from the heel all the way to the end of the big toe. As for the forepart of the shoe, it must give your toes some freedom for wiggling and movement. In addition, a fastening should be found across the instep area because it will keep your foot from slipping when you walk.

It’s important to take into consideration that our feet swell as the day goes on. When you are going to purchase athletic safety shoes, you should go around noon or early afternoon because your feet will be in-between their true size and the swollen size they will reach by day’s end. Furthermore, athletic footwear will not stretch after wearing. Do not buy shoes thinking that they will eventually fit your feet. If they’re too tight when you try them on, they will be too tight when buy and wear them. In addition, try on your shoes with the socks you will be wearing with them. For instance, if you are the type to wear bulky socks, bring a pair with you when shopping for athletic safety shoes because you will need footwear that can accommodate that type of sock. Also, have your feet measured before your try on shoes. Oftentimes, we are actually off by half a size. If your feet are different sizes, buy athletic safety shoes that fit the bigger foot.

Do athletic safety shoes prevent injury?

No one is immune to foot injuries. One miscalculated step can see us spraining or rolling an ankle; however, any safety footwear gives you a better chance of avoiding injury on the job. Safety shoes are designed to provide protection to our entire foot unlike traditional footwear that is worn for style over comfort. Athletic safety shoes marry the best of both worlds because they are comfortable yet stylish.

What are the advantages of athletic safety shoes?

As aforementioned, athletic safety shoes are both comfortable and stylish since they come in many different styles and colours to suit every taste. Additionally, the treads at the bottom of athletic safety shoes protect our feet from uneven ground so that we don’t lose a step when walking on rugged terrain. Moreover, athletic safety footwear is designed with athletes in mind allowing you to run, jump and move while wearing the shoes.

Work hazards and athletic safety shoes

Protective footwear is required on all worksites. When choosing your athletic safety shoes make sure they comply with the rules of your particular workplace. You should also consult the symbols chart to see that your chosen pair meet the right criteria for the work you do. Any shoe whether it is athletic or a work boot, must contain the right symbols to display the protection they provide. Athletic footwear that does not have safety symbols is not a safety shoe and should not be worn as such.

Where can I get athletic safety shoes?

Many big name brands offer this type of shoe. You should visit a store that specializes in this type of shoe (like Mister Safety Shoes). Do not order safety shoes online because you have no idea how they will fit. Unless you go to a store and physically try on the shoes before ordering them online, you are risking getting a pair that do not suit your foot structure at all. Wearing improperly sized footwear is dangerous and can cause problems with your gait and posture.

Please visit one of our many retail stores for details on the athletic safety shoes we carry and to try on a pair.