January 18, 2021

7 workplace slip hazards and how to prevent them with CSA Approved Safety Shoes

When you’re responsible for workplace safety, it’s important to know that 66% of all slip, trip, and fall injuries happen when employees work on the same level. This means that most workplace injuries are not from falling from heights but from simply moving around their worksite. This means the risks for injury, absenteeism, and expense to your company are literally in plain view.

Scan this risk checklist to see if your company is missing opportunities to improve workplace safety:

  • Keep employee parking lots clear and dry.
  • Secure mats and rugs especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Quickly mark and clean up spills and weather-related hazards
  • Clearly identify steps, ramps, and other elevation changes.
  • Keep all key work areas and walkways well-lit.
  • Identify a go-to person for employees when they ID a potential slip, trip, or fall hazard.
  • Ensure your employees are wearing the appropriate CSA certified safety shoes and work boots for both their job and their work environment. Good fitting safety footwear will reduce work distraction and foot fatigue, which can contribute to injury. The right grip and support will also help mitigate a variety of slip, trip, and fall situations. Find out more in our blog post Kicking the Tires of Slip Resistant: 3 Things to Know 

You can also get a handy infographic poster for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety CCOHS: Preventing Falls from Slips and Trips Infographic

At Mister Safety Shoes, we are committed to helping workers get the best possible safety footwear so they have the support and protection they need to remain productive and comfortable.  We provide businesses with an end-to-end safety footwear management program that reduces administration time while making it easy to keep employees protected. Please contact our business solutions team if you are looking for a safety footwear program for your company.