July 29, 2020

Maintaining a Static Resistant Workplace: New Technology that can help.

If one of your responsibilities is managing quality control of your work environment in any manufacturing industry involving electronics or electronic equipment, then creating and maintaining a static resistant workplace is a key focus. And you are likely always looking for measures to improve it.

What’s footwear got to do with it?
While dissipative workstations and floor matting are among many protective measures you may have in place, the right SD safety footwear is also a contributing factor.
Employees who are wearing SD footwear that doesn’t provide reliable static dissipation can result in a negative impact — not only to equipment and parts, but also to your efficiency. Downtime spent resolving footwear issues or adding ground straps is time wasted that impacts your business.

Enter Reebok Work’s advanced technology
The Dual Resistor SD patented technology from Reebok Work has provided a new level of static dissipative consistency to safety footwear. They created a fail-safe system using two resistors embedded in the midsole of the shoe that dissipates electricity to the walking surface and should one resistor fail, the second will continue to work. It’s embedded in Reebok Work’s SD safety shoes available at Mister Safety Shoes. And when it comes to SD safety in the workplace, it’s a feature businesses need to consider seriously.

At Mister Safety Shoes our objective is to provide businesses and workers with expert advice on the fit, comfort and protection of safety footwear in order to help create a more productive workplace.