February 01, 2021

Best Foot Forward – Tips for Helping Active Workers Stay Active

It is no secret that safety footwear can make or break your comfort level on the job, especially for active workers who push, pull, and lift items every day. Whether you are a construction worker, warehouse picker, loading dock employee, or delivery person, a good pair of supportive work boots or safety shoes are essential. Here are some tips on important features to consider for active workers.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pair of Safety Shoes for Active Workers:

  • Cushioning in safety footwear provides comfort to active workers who are on their feet all day. It is imperative to find a shoe with just the right amount of cushioning because too much can actually slow you down on the job; think of what it’s like when you’re walking in sand. While shoes with cushioning are soft on your feet, you may find yourself working harder to keep up with the fast pace at your job. Consider the Reebok Work Fusion Flexweave with its floatride foam midsole for the perfect amount of cushioned comfort.
  • Light and breathable footwear are essential for active workers lifting, walking and climbing on the job. Consider the Reebok Work Sublite and the STC Trainer. Both are athletic style shoes that are lightweight and breathable and provide good traction. These safety shoes will keep your feet from sweating and provide all-day comfort.
  • Support in footwear is crucial for active workers. Pivoting can be hard on your ankles – and ankle sprains are the number one cause of workplace foot injury – so turning to a hiker style work boot with ankle support, like the Keen Utility Flint II Mid, Kodiak Crusade work boots and Reebok Work Sublite Hikers might be good options for you! Also important is arch support. Adding insoles, like Form insoles can make a huge difference in reducing foot strain, which in turn can reduce leg and back strain for active workers.
  • Anti-fatigue technology – Developed by several brands, the purpose is to return energy to the foot through advances in shock absorption. Brands like Reebok Work, Timberland and Vismo are using proprietary technology to do this. These are all worth checking out.

As an active worker, safety shoes that provide support, comfort and protection are essential. Follow our how-to tips to find the right pair of shoes that can keep up with the demands of your fast-paced, active job! Read on to learn more about keeping your feet cool and finding a comfortable fit in your safety footwear!

At Mister Safety Shoes, we are committed to helping workers get the best fitting, most comfortable safety shoes and work boots, so they remain productive and protected. We provide an end-to-end safety footwear management program for all sizes of businesses in Ontario and Alberta. Please contact our business solutions team if you are looking for a safety footwear program for your company.